What are the basic types of craft beer?

Today I’m here to help you out!

Craft beer, some of which is also directly translated as craft beer. In contrast to craft beer, it is a type of industrial beer that is produced on a large scale and mechanically.

So, what makes craft beer better than industrial beer?

As we all know, wheat (barley), hops and yeast are the three basic ingredients for brewing beer. Generally speaking, industrial beer has millet added to the wheat to reduce costs and chemicals such as preservatives added to prolong the life of the beer.

In contrast, craft beer is made with only pure wheat barley and attention is paid to the variety and freshness of the hops. In many cases, the yeast used is even home-grown, so the beer is brewed with a strong flavour, and various auxiliary ingredients can be added to create special flavours such as coffee, chocolate, lemon, cherry and so on, according to the brewer’s personal preference.

There are many different types of beer, but they can be broadly divided into two main categories: lagers and ales.

1. Lagers are characterised by a low temperature fermentation below 10 degrees Celsius, a long fermentation period, fermenting yeast that sinks to the bottom of the brew (often called “lower fermentation”), a heavy wheat flavour and a low alcohol content.

2. craft beers, on the other hand, are mainly ales. The main reason for this is that the brewing environment and equipment requirements for lagers are more stringent and not everyone is qualified to produce them, so most small craft breweries, choose to brew ales. Ales are characterised by warm fermentation, a shorter fermentation period, yeast floating on top of the liquor during fermentation (often referred to as ‘top-fermentation’) and a richer flavour layer than a single lager.

Post time: Sep-28-2021