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Fermentation tank is made of high-quality stainless steel (optional 2B or #4 polishing), wrapper with 2mm high quality stainless steel(2Bor #4 polishing), the intermedium insulation is made of high-performance polyurethane. It can also be designed and manufactured as per user's request.

(Dish head/Cylinder/60 cone bottom (can be adjusted)/shell jacket (one or two sections)/bottom jacket/insulation both on shell and bottom/with adjustable legs.)

Connections: PVRV/CO2 outlet/glycol inlet and outlet/Pt100/sample valve/side manhole/CIP interface / wort inlet and yeast outlet / elbow beer outlet/hops dozing.

Volume: 1BBL-300BBL




Gross capacity


Useful  capacity



Inner (SUS304)thickness: 3.0mm;
External-Jacket(SUS304) thickness: 2.0mm


Stainless steel 304

Cooling way

Dimple jacket plate

Cleaning way

CIP in situ cleaning, with rotary spray cleaning ball


Polyurethane-thickness: 100mm


Sample valve, Pressure gauge, Breath valve, Temperature gauge,
Top manhole, Washing ball, Butterfly valves, CIP Arm, Hop port, Discharge arm and so on

Fermenter Advantage

1). 304 stainless steel plate as a whole, and our stainless steel plate manufacturer is the best in China .

2). The cooling efficiency. of Maitreya plate jacket is greatly improved.

3). Two stage cooling mode .

4). The insulation layer material is high-grade polyurethane with a thickness of 80mm.

5). Polishing accuracy up to Ra0.4μ m .

6). Strict tank pressure test .

7). Energy conservation and pollution emissions.

Our Services


After-sale Service for the whole life.


24h service for you, solve your urgent problem first time.


3 years warranty for the main products.


Free design for your brewery layout for 2D or 3D.


Spare parts replacement and repair service provided.


Engineer going abroad for installation, debugging and technical training if you need.


Provide the Form E, CO, etc..others necessary reduce import Tax files for you.


To provide update information about brewing equipment technology once we test.


Help you send the goods if you have others company order, then send to you together.


Door to Door service, if you need any brewing parts.

Ningbo Zhongpi machinery co., LTD.offers all necessary peripheral equipment to ensure that your brewery / Brewpub has everything it needs for a high quality brew and the means to give your clients the best drinking experience.

Ningbo Zhongpi machinery co., LTD. is the leading Microbrewery equipment supplier in China, our service include the brewery design, equipment manufacture, Installation at site and brewing technology transfer.

We provide complete beer brewing solutions that include: malt handling system, brew house system, beer fermenting/storage system, cooling system, cleaning system, control system, package line.

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