10 bbl brewhouse electric brew kettle beer fermentor tank system

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Capacity: 5/7/10/15/20 BBL or customers designed

Two Vessels: combi-tank (mash lauter tun) & kettle whirlpool tun

Heating Meathod: by steam

Capacity: 10 BBL or customers made

Two Vessels: kettle whirlpool tun

Heating Meathod: by steam, by fire, by electricity

Fermenting System

Fermentation systems is made up of Fermentation Tank and Bright Beer Tank.

Generally, Fermentation Tank structure is dished head and cone bottom,with Polyurethane installation and dimple cooling jackets on cone andon cylinder.

Tank internal and external wall are made of international quality standards of sanitary 304 stainless steel,the Polyurethane insulation thickness between the inner and outer is 80-200mm.


1. Thermowell with high accuracy temperature sensor

2. CIP, rotary spray ball

3. Inner tank mechanical polishing and out Plate Surface protection ribbon polished on welds.

4. Inlet and outlet valves, drain valves on cone

5. With Solenoid valve,breathing valve,mechanical pressure regulating valve,sampling valve,pressure gauge and accessories matched.

Cooling System

The cooling system includes Glycol Water Tank, Chiller and Glycol water pump, pipe and accessories. Cooling system is mainly used for cooling the wort and fermentation tank.

CIP System

CIP cleaning system include Sterilizing tank, Alkali liquor Tank, pump and accessories, 50L and 100L CIP can be fixed on trolleys,so it's easy to clean brewing system.

Control System

We have PLC and PID ( meter display ) control.

The PLC system includes Siemens programmable controllers,Danfoss VFD, Schneider and other auto-controlled components;

The PID system control temperature and pressure throuh meter.

Our Service

a.) Free consultation service before, during, and after sales;

b.) Project planning and design services;

c.) Free debugging instruction of equipment until everything is functional;

d.) Management of equipments' long distance shipping from seller's factory to named port or station by buyer;

e.) Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;

f.) New production techniques;

g.) Provide 36 months complete warrantee for main parts and life-time maintenance service;The seller is responsible for the nature damage of the machinery in the warranty period except for man-made damage. All spare parts and wearing parts are attached with the machinery for free;

Our Company

Our company is a professional beer equipment manufacturer. We are specialized in professional design,manufacture,installation and commissioning of various beer equipments and supporting facilities.

We pay a lot attention to details and we have excellent after sales service.

We can supply all equipments for beer.

Company Information

Ningbo Zhongpi machinery co., LTD., focusing on the micro craft beer brewing equipment, yellow rice wine brewing equipment, wine fermentation equipment, starch sugar series equipment, plant protein powder (especially rice protein) equipment, animal protein powder, dairy beverage pre-treatment equipment, biological pharmaceutical process equipment, sterilization equipment series.

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